1. This website platform is only for general view and order placements.
  2. The order is confirmed only after the payment is received.
  3. Payment can be done with PayPal.
  4. Coupons are also accepted. Coupons are given to customers who have already bought an item from our shop.
  5. We do not accept Cash Payment.
  6. We accept PayPal and discount Coupons.
  7. The order will be processed after the money transfer is verified.


  1. We will send the product via Bulgarian Posts from 2-5 days after receiving the payment.
  2. The tax for shipping is calculated on the weight of the product.
  3. You can see how much the shipping will cost to different countries by choosing your country from the cart option before checkout.
  4. The shipping tax will be paid by the buyer.
  5. We give you a tracking number for your order where you can check the travel period of your purchase.
  6. Once we send the product, we have no control over when it will arrive.
  7. Around 14-20 workdays is the usual travel time of a product outside European Union. 10-14 workdays within Europe.
  8. All prices seen on this website are in USD
  9. The shipping taxes are payed by the buyer.


  1. We are responsible for sending the package to the customers.
  2. You need to provide us with address in order for us to send you the purchased merchandise.
  3. It takes 2-5 days to prepare the order for dispatching.
  4. Our shipping provider is Bulgarian Posts. After the goods have left the country you can check the current status of the shipment online, and track your goods via the tracking number that we will provide to you.
  5. For different countries there is different time of arrival of the good. For more info check the Shipping Policy.
  6. We accept orders worldwide.

23. Any other customs taxes are payed by the buyer.