Let us introduce ourselves.

our cat ShushaWe are a small family with a cat named Shusha. Once while unpacking a cardboard box Shusha pounced inside and that’s when the idea came to us. Why not instead of throwing the cardboard, turn it into something much more useful and better looking.

Cardboard is an underestimated material. It could have many benefits when used correctly and that is what we did. We spent a lot of time developing and drawing models for cat houses, putting them into 3D CAD to visualize the aesthetics. Soon enough, the building began through cutting and bending processes.

Our houses are designed for cats but styled for people. Our wide variety of unique houses guarantees a perfect match to any home interior. Not only cats are happy with it, but it is also an eye relieving sight.my angry cat shusha

What we are proud to say that the houses are eco-friendly and 100% recyclable which makes our work extremely green and clean. In the work with our products glue is NOT used which allows easy and fast recycling of the product after use. Cardboard is made from renewable materials, which means it doesn’t pollute the environment. Cardboard is the world’s most used material because it’s light but strong enough. Furthermore it’s easy to work with. It gives us pleasure knowing that people assemble the product themselves and enjoy what they have built with their own two hands. If the products are ready, people will lose the feeling of creation.

The advantages of the cardboard gave us the idea to create not only houses but also other products. Take a look at our 3D Cardboard Puzzles focused on manual skills, perception and the joy of creation on one’s own.

Thus began our story, how will continue – it depends on you.