1. We gladly accept returns if the product has a defect.
  2. We will replace the defected product if need be.
  3. You must notify us for the return of a product via email, chat etc.
  4. We accept returns sent within 14 days of the delivery date.
  5. We will replace the product or give you a refund if you choose so.
  6. You can cancel orders within 2 days of verified payment.
  7. When canceled, the money payed will be transferred back to the buyer.
  8. Once the box is opened you have no right to return the product unless it is damaged from the shipping.
  9. Once you have assembled the item, you have no right to return it.
  10. Items can be returned if you contact us after 14 days of delivery.
  11. The amount of money payed for the product will be given as a refund if the product is shipped back to the seller within 30 days of delivery. Shipping is paid by the buyer.