Wash Cardboard Cat House with cat 2 – jump and enjoy the perfect wash
Wash Cardboard Cat House
Intrigued by the shape of this cat bed? Wondering why it’s called Wash Cardboard Cat House? Well, it’s not about all the spinning that goes on in a washing machine. It’s not about the positive vibes it sends out. It’s not even about the noise it makes. It’s about rebellion, living on the edge and having fun! If you own a cat, you’ve probably experienced that heart-stopping moment when you turn on the washing machine, it starts spinning and you suddenly realize that you haven’t seen your kitten in a while... You tell yourself that your pet couldn’t have possibly climbed into the washing machine but you check anyway, don’t you? You check because deep down you know that your cat is a daredevil; a feline rock star who is not bound by any rules or limited by fear. A working washing machine would look like the perfect playground to your kitty rebel! So what are you waiting for? If you want to rock your cat’s world, you have to let it jump in and go nuts! – Handmade; – Unique design; – Eco-friendly, no glue, Recycled Corrugated Cardboard; 100% Recyclable; – Instantly attracts your cat; – Strong enough (made from 4 mm (5⁄32 in) corrugated cardboard, the favorite material of your cat); – Easy to clean, with a slightly moist tissue; – Easy to assembly, equipped with a nice visual instruction included in the shipping pack; – Easy to disassemble to save some space when it is necessary; – Comfortable final assembled house dimensions: length: 400 mm (15 3⁄4 in) width: 420 mm (16 17⁄32 in) height: 430 mm (16 59⁄64 in)
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