Twist Cardboard Cat House with cat1
Twist Cardboard Cat House
Hey humans! If you are tuned into your pet’s inner life and understand its needs better than anyone else, check out The Twist Cardboard Cat House! This slightly psychedelic cat toy is for cats who want to have fun; and when we say ‘fun’, we mean real, crazy, unrestricted kitty fun! It’s not a coincidence that this piece of cat furniture is shaped like a tunnel; it’s a portal to another dimension of fun where everything is possible and the sky is the limit. It’s a world where curtains’ only purpose of existence is to be climbed, where gravity doesn’t hold kittens back and triple somersaults are used instead of walking. It’s an alternate reality of pure feline joy and unlimited imagination in which everyday objects turn out to be magical. And when your kitty is ready to come back from that enchanting world, the cozy interior of the Twist Cardboard Cat House will be ready to welcome the feline explorer and help it cool off. – Handmade; – Unique subwoofer, tube design; – Eco-friendly, no glue, Recycled Corrugated Cardboard; 100% Recyclable; – Instantly attracts your cat; – Strong enough (made from 4 mm (5⁄32 in) corrugated cardboard, the favorite material of your cat); – Easy to clean, with a slightly moist tissue; – Easy to assembly, equipped with a nice visual instruction included in the shipping pack; – Easy to disassemble to save some space when it is necessary; – Comfortable final assembled house dimensions: length: 460 mm (18 7⁄64 in) width: 510 mm (20 5⁄64 in) height: 410 mm (16 9⁄64 in)
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