St. Paul's Cathedral Cardboard Cat House design quality aestetics cat inside on roof front right side
St. Paul’s Church Cardboard Cat House
You are probably already aware that cats are what happens when you’re making other plans because you don’t find a cat, but the cat finds you … Our bundles of fluff bring so much joy into our lives so it’s only fair to give back the same way and enrich their lives as much as possible. If you want to make your fluffy happy, but have no idea what to do and where to start, here are one idea you can do right now to make your kitty the happiest cat ever. Despite cats' reputations for demanding behavior and aloof attitudes, cats love adventure and exercising their hunting instincts. It’s easy to keep them happy indoors by providing the best possible healthy life with an indoor playground where they can jump, climb, and play. And here comes our cat climbing structure - St. Paul's Church Cat House. Plenty of scratching posts, multiple levels, tunnels, holes and napping platforms could train your pawsome feline to be a fantastic hunter. Take the time to play with your kitty and to provide plenty of entertainment. A tired cat equals a happy cat. – Handmade; – Unique St. Paul's Church design; – Eco-friendly, no glue, Recycled Corrugated Cardboard; 100% Recyclable; – Instantly attracts your cat; – Strong enough (made from 4 mm (5/32 in) corrugated cardboard, the favorite material of your cat); – Easy to clean, with a slightly moist tissue; – Easy to assembly, equipped with a nice visual instruction included in the shipping pack; – Easy to disassemble to save some space when it is necessary; – Comfortable final assembled house dimensions: length: 750 mm ( 29 17/32 in ) width: 630 mm ( 24 51/64 in ) height: 930 mm ( 36 39/64 in )    
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