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Penthouse Cardboard Cat House
The Penthouse Cardboard Cat House is designed so you could use only one house or you could combine several houses in one solid construction. There is a hole on every side of the house which could be cut out to become an entrance. You can design the entrances so all apartments on a same floor to be connected. Be careful when you plan the map of the entrance on a floor. The holes are not designed to be cut out and then restored. The construction is possible to be made from several floors. It could convert the block of apartments into a playful cat tree. To build such a construction please follow the instructions inside the shipping pack. They will guide you how to assembly a house as well as how to mount several houses together. Please be careful with mounting anchors and use them in the right direction to prevent your cat from a discomfort. The close space inside a floor could have one or many entrances. It depends on the number and the character of your cats. The best combination is every cat to has its own apartment with one or two entrances. It is not necessary apartments to be connected with a common hole. Sometimes it is good to have a solid wall between apartments. – Handmade; – Unique spaciousl  design; – Eco-friendly, no glue, Recycled Corrugated Cardboard; 100% Recyclable; – Instantly attracts your cat; – Strong enough (made from 4 mm (5⁄32 in) corrugated cardboard, the favorite material of your cat); – Easy to clean, with a slightly moist tissue; – Easy to assembly, equipped with a nice visual instruction included in the shipping pack; – Easy to disassemble to save some space when it is necessary; – Comfortable final assembled house dimensions: length: 510 mm (20 5⁄64 in) width: 805 mm (31 11⁄16 in) height: 585 mm (23 1⁄32 in)
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