Wash Cat House

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Wash Cardboard Cat House with cat 2You might be wondering why our cat house is shaped like a washing machine. How is one related to the other? Well, years of combined cat-owning experience means that we’ve heard and seen it all. We have ideas for every occasion and every cat personality that exists. There is a story behind every cat toy we develop and this one is no different.

If you own a cat, you’ve probably experienced that heart-stopping moment when you turn on the washing machine, it starts spinning and you suddenly realize that you haven’t seen your cat in a while… A chill goes down your spine. You tell yourself that your kitty couldn’t have possibly climbed into the washing machine, that the thought is crazy and your fear is irrational but you check anyway, don’t you? You check because deep down you know that your daredevil pet likes living on the edge and fears nothing. You check because your cat is a rebel without a cause and you wouldn’t be surprised if the thought of taking a ride in a spinning washing machine crossed its mind. Just for the heck of it! It looks fun, it makes funny noises and it’s forbidden so why not? It seems like something a rock star might do, doesn’t it? After all, that’s what rock-n-roll is about: breaking the rules, going crazy and having fun! Coincidentally, this is also the essence of being a cat.

What better toy for your feline rock star than a cat house where reality and logic can be challenged. Turn on this cardboard washing machine where ideas roam free, imagination goes nuts and the world starts spinning! Buy it for your pet and wave boredom goodbye. Our wash house will be a cardboard haven for all the feline easy riders out there, for all the free spirits who like to party and for whom nothing is impossible. Who knows, your kitty may even let you join the band and go on an adventure-packed tour with them! One thing is for sure: our Wash Cardboard Cat House will rock your world.