Carriage Cat House for Real Aristo-Cats

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Carriage Cardboard Cat House with catLadies and gentlemen, we are proud to present our Carriage Cat House made from cardboard. A unique cat furniture which fulfills the needs of even the most demanding aristo-cat. It’s designed to resemble a luxurious royal carriage with elaborate embellishments and an impressive set of wheels. Its sturdy construction will keep your noble pet safe and the interior offers the highest standard of comfort worthy of a true king or queen.

We realize that monarchy is an obsolete idea but, clearly, cats didn’t get the memo. Wherever they go, whatever they do, whoever they look at, their noble ancestry seems to be pouring out of every kitty pore. They stroll proudly with their heads and tails held high; they look at humans and other inferior creatures with eyes that will not tolerate insubordination and they are the most skillful politicians and manipulators on this planet! You’ve heard of the Lion King, now take your hat off and bow to the Kitty King!

You might not have noticed it or you might be in denial but your cat has been the head of your household for a long time. Your house is its castle, your bed is its throne and you and your family are its subjects. The Kitty King has ruled over its empire wisely and fairly for years, it has defended its territory in fierce battles against vicious birds, mice and the neighbour’s dog. Occasionally, his or her majesty had to be a judge and punish you if you misbehaved but the verdict has always been fair and adequate to the offence. Wouldn’t you say that your benevolent feline ruler deserves the royal treatment? Being carried around by you might be fine on a normal day but surely it will not suffice if the monarch has to make an official visit or greet a diplomat from overseas!

It’s your chance to show your appreciation for all those years of peaceful and prosperous life in the feline kingdom. Buy the royal carriage for your pet and become its favourite subject. Who knows, you might even be knighted! That’s an honour worth investing in!