Dead Man’s Chest Cardboard Cat House

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Dead Man's Chest Cardboard Cat House with catDoes your cat like adventures? Has it ever plundered anything (e.g. your kitchen cabinets)? Has it ever spent the entire day tracking an elusive treasure buried in an undisclosed location (e.g. your socks neatly folded up at the bottom of a drawer)? Has your kitty ever conquered a dark area in your flat and adopted it as its own cat cave (e.g. the top shelf in your wardrobe or the gap between the fridge and the wall)? If the answer to any of the questions above is ‘aye’, then congratulations, you’re harbouring a pirate in your house!

Fortunately for you, cats are very unusual pirates that are afraid of water so you won’t have to invest in a vessel or drive your kitty all the way to the Caribbean islands. However, your pet will need something to store all the treasures it finds around the house. We just happen to have the perfect gift for the feline captain:  Dead Man’s Chest Cardboard Cat House! It’s a beautifully ornamented cardboard treasure chest which will accommodate all the booty your cat manages to seize during its expeditions: all the cat toys, the fluff from underneath the fridge, the dead bird from the garden, your favourite coaster and many, many more.

Is our  Dead Man’s Chest Cat House a cat bed? Is it a piece of cat furniture? Is it a cat toy? I’d say it’s rather a state of mind. It’s a trip down memory lane back to kittyhood when every kitten wanted to be a pirate or a fire fighter. It’s a voyage towards the open seas of adventure and mystery. Our cardboard cat house will revive those dreams and stir your pet’s imagination. It might inspire your cat to wear an eye patch and start speaking with a weird accent but don’t shiver your timbers matey; as your cat’s shipmate you have nothing to fear. As long as you pull your weight, you will get your fair share of the loot. There’s even the odd chance that you will get your socks back! Isn’t that worth every guinea?