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Do you know your Kitty?

Fortress Cardboard Cat House top back rightTerry Pratchett once wrote: ‘In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this.’ Our feline friends may look like pets and may act like it sometimes but they are much more than that. Most cat owners understand that very well and they know their kittens expect only the best things in life including superior cat furniture. Our divine companions expect and deserve furniture which stimulate them, challenge their imagination, offer the prospect of adventure and reflect their personality. Now, kitty personality is a complex issue. You could make a list of 100 various adjectives to describe feline nature and you’d still be missing something. There simply aren’t enough words in the dictionary to portray the intricacies of the kitty character. In fact, some necessary terms haven’t even been invented yet.

Dr Who Tardis Cardboard Cat House with catWe are working your friend to stands out.

While linguists are working on that, we have taken up the challenge to create the ultimate cat furniture experience which would satisfy various feline tastes and preferences. After years of scientific research, public consultation and many sleepless nights, we came up with 8 distinct cardboard cat houses designed to engage all sorts of personalities. Don’t be fooled though; our products are not just cardboard cat beds; they escape simple categorization. Each cat house is a gateway to a different reality where your pet will be able to act out its wildest dreams and you will have the opportunity to enjoy the most spectacular show ever.

The Temple Cardboard Cat House front rightYou love your cat and you want to amaze him.

We all know that cats can play with almost anything: their own tails, shadows on the wall, a speck of dust or a freckle on your face but above all, they love boxes. Why? Well… to be honest, we have no idea. There must be something we’re not aware of, something magical about boxes that makes them so special and we decided to take advantage of this phenomenon. Think about it; if a cat can play with a simple box for hours on end and not get bored with it, can you imagine what would happen if you gave it a cardboard house tailor-made for the feline audience? It would be like winning the lottery, like discovering that Narnia is real, like finding the Holy Grail of cat furniture! The good news is that this treasure exists and it comes in many shapes and forms. There’s something for everyone: a sci-fi cat house for Dr Who fans, a space pod for feline astronauts, a cardboard tepee for furry warriors, a soccer cardboard cat house for sporty cats, the Pentagon cardboard cat house for cat leaders, the Meow Cardboard Cat House that makes any fashion-conscious cat purr with delight.

Tank Cardboard Cat House front leftYou have a strong relation to your companion.

Place any of our cardboard cat beds on the floor, sit back and prepare to be amazed. Watch your living room transform into the wild west, Martian space center or even an entirely different dimension where time and space are flexible. Enjoy hours of top quality entertainment as your cat carries out classified missions, wins the World Cup or stars in Saturday Night Fever sequel. If you ask nicely, you might even be invited to join in! You could be exploring the realm of kitty fashion today and setting up a feline colony on Mars tomorrow. All this interactive fun without annoying commercial breaks and no high-tech equipment needed; best deal ever! Then, after a day full of adventures, your kitty hero would be able to march back to its cardboard residence and rest in its cozy interior awaiting the exploits of the following day.

One thing is sure: if cats ever stooped to our level and decided to actually talk to us, they’d ask for one (or all) of these cardboard cat houses and it would be a gift that keeps on giving